Shopping Centers Russia Февраль 2023 | Page 68

According to her, in 2023, many objects can be bought profitably from bankruptcy trading. In general, there is an interest from buyers in commercial real estate. Yet investors need more time to make decisions, as sanctions made it difficult to build any development strategy for shopping malls.

«Now there is a trend: in central parts of Russian cities, small shopping centres are bought for demolition at the cost of the land. They change the ground category and start building apartment buildings or turn them into warehouses for marketplaces. It concerns shopping centres from 5 thousand square meters» adds Margarita Forbes.

Belavin believes, at the same time, deals for the venues belonging to IKEA will be carried out under some additional conditions due to the need to sell faster. There is a possibility of a reduced cost, and enterprise sales are not excluded.

«Many people think that investing in a shopping centre is the best strategy with a payback period of seven to nine years. It is worth mentioning that in this case, you are definitely taking a risk. It is a worthwhile idea to weigh up the pros and cons and think out your strategy» warns Elena Mironova.


«Avito» is one of the services, which is targeted at the buyer from another branch. Often these are companies that are looking for an asset tied to a particular place. «Avito» also attracts buyers and agents who will monitor the site looking for interesting offers.

However, market participants advise to approach such ads carefully, double-check the information and make it clear who the real customer of the sale and the ad is.