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Mindful selection

The key event at the end of November for malls and shopping centres, the one and only Black Friday, happened again. Even though this time there were no crowds, no craze, according to the representatives of the shopping centres, the traffic still grew by 15-20%. And the most important thing is that with such campaigns, shopping centres working together with their tenants successfully compete with marketplaces by focusing on their most vital advantage: you can get your shopping right here, right now, as there is no waiting time which you would otherwise have to deal with when ordering online, however long or short could be. Besides, according to the same representatives, the statistics of returning customers after Black Friday is quite good as people want to do their shopping again, this time for Christmas. Our editor’s office together with industry experts have talked about how the shopping lists have changed this year compared to the same period of 2021 and summarized the results of Black Friday.

In the beginning, was the…

Black Friday originated in the USA in the 19th century: shops carried out huge sales immediately after Thanksgiving (which is the last Thursday of November). Today this special day of sales has conquered the world. It was initially held in shops and later on, as technology advanced, so did Black Friday to eventually move online.

In Russia, the first campaigns entitled Black Friday appeared relatively recently, only in 2013, besides, they were held one whole week later as everywhere else in the world, on December 6. Surprisingly, the first shops to pick up the trend were online, while brick and mortar shops or shopping centres practically did not notice it. Yet already in 2014 Russia celebrated Black Friday together with the rest of the world and now you can get all sorts of deals including medical treatments and real estate offers on that day. Another peculiarity is that with time the campaign extended timewise.

“In 2013, when we did our first Black Friday in the shopping centre Yuzhny, it was just one day a year and we tried to make it last as long as possible by adding extra working hours. Now a Black Friday is more like a shopping marathon which commences on Thursday,

Results of Black Friday in Russian Malls